Obligatory post on Brexit

Although, like most people who give forecasters nightmares, I’m apathetic to politics I decided I must be responsible in voting in or out.

So I looked up various news sites -bad mistake since newspapers tend to be biased towards a side and tell you only what they want you to hear. I was mostly interested in the economic side of things. So I asked a banker friend. That was another mistake – since he explained it to me in very esoteric and euphemistic terms. There were words coming out of his mouth and all of them made no sense whatsoever to me.

So I decided to do a survey. After all my own survey was likely to be as scientific as the ones that Yougov or any of those agencies run. Here are the results:

  1. The husband. Came out in support of leave. On Thursday. On Saturday he was in. This was confusing because he’s a finance guy and usually quite Conservative, not the type to waver. Then I realised he typically was arguing the opposite case to whoever stated their opinions in front of him and was having a quiet laugh giving them Doubt.
  2. My neighbour. She said she hasn’t got time to think about it. I would say that means she’s ‘abstaining’. She has grown kids who are working in Dubai; that might colour her view. Plus she’s Scottish.
  3. My banker friend: with as much clarity as he had explained the economics of this to me he said ‘my heart says leave but my head says remain.’ Quite. I told him why hadn’t he considered a future in politics is beyond me.
  4. My German friend: ‘God you English are selfish– you create all this mess and wage all these wars and expect us to pick up the pieces and the migrants. You should Leave!’ Interesting – I hadn’t realised we had waged war on Poland.
  5. My daughter’s friend’s mum: ‘What? Oh the referendum.. oh yes I know oh yes… very important… Sure…. Hmmm I don’t know – I will have to see what we are doing that day…. So do you have Emma’s book bag?’
  6. My hairdresser: wants to vote Leave but hates Michael Gove because he’s ‘wrecked the education system.’ Quite how or why he’s done this (I mean wasn’t it already a wreck?) she wasn’t sure but she hates his guts. This makes sense because clearly all of England’s headaches could only be caused by a Scotsman. Also she wants to immigrate.
  7. My son (13): ‘I didn’t do it!’
  8. My daughter (11): ‘I want one too mummy!’
  9. The Neigbour’s cat: *sniffs huffily

So there you have it. The referendum is in three days time and I still don’t know how to vote. So I could be the 1% who swing the vote one way or the other!





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