Tim Peake touch down

Horizon: How To Be An Astronaut
Programme Name: Horizon: Tim Peake Special – How to be an Astronaut – TX: 13/12/2015 – Episode: Horizon: How To Be An Astronaut (No. n/a) – Picture Shows: at NBL Tim Peake – (C) BBC – Photographer: Bill Stafford – NASAR

Was fascinating to see Tim Peake’s descent back to the Earth. Here’s a man who has an experience very few will ever have. Certainly I can say I am likely to never have it now. I wonder how much it must change a person – to the see as just another planet. A fascinating planet, sure, but still one small one among millions.

If that isn’t a life changing experience I’m not sure what is.

It is truly inspiring. All these scum politicans diving and fooling people, the traders on the Goldman desk trying to hoodwink their own clients to make a million dollar business – at the end of the day it turns out they’re the little people too. Just another little person in the race in the race for resources and power.

Tim Peake, now life gave him the opportunity to step away. To put it all in perspective. It will be fascinating to read what he has to say when he writes a book about his experience. Would love to read.



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