History project in geography

My son has a geography project on Sweden. It’s supposed to be one of those fun things they’re doing around the Euro 2016. Not that there’s much to laugh about Euro 2016, looking at the slugfests that have been going on in France. (The poor French clearly have No idea what’s hit them.)

So they got two weeks to do the project. My son very reasonably told me if they wanted a page or two they wouldn’t have given them two weeks to write the damn thing so they must want more. I agreed with him about that. So then How much more??

In a classic case of over doing the whole thing he started off writing the history of Sweden. He’s written 57 pages so far and is still in the 16th century. We have interjected several times trying to get through to him that when his Geography teacher gave him the project possibly she did not mean it to be a history project. He does not react well to this sort of constructive criticism. He just murmurs ‘I can’t leave it Now.’ As if it’s some murder mystery with suspect X just about to do in the second victim.

The good thing though is he seems to be coming down with a cold. It might well be God is on the side of his geography teacher and spare her a 100 page history of Sweden. I mean just look at Sweden – how interesting can its history be?









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