You are overqualified!


Anybody else sick of hearing this? Yes I might be over qualified – so bloody what? Even if you suspect I’m taking this job as a stepping stone for bigger things think of the value I will add to your company in the time I will be there.

Employers nowadays are really short sighted in not wanting to hire 40-somethings who have fallen out of work – for whatever reasons, personal or professional. A person who has once learnt to swim, might be rusty to begin with, but will catch up in no time. It’s all there somewhere pushed back by nappies, onions, anti-biotics and home works.

Also at 45 you’re done with husbands, kids and similar exciting things of life (woo ho!) – and have come to a sudden realisation ‘This is it. It’s all down hill from now.’ This person is Not looking to jump from a job to another – s/he’s looking for stability because so many other things in his or her life are not working to plan.

At 45 you come to the Zen-like realisation ok screw it I’m not about the do that trek to Peru and don’t really want to. I just want life to be a series of unbroken monotony (well broken by nice luxury holidays) from here on.

You think such a person is about to hang out dangerously and swing from job to job. Not really!

Also when you’ve worked in an industry for several years you have one huge advantage over the 20-somethings. You have perspective. You know where this industry was ten years ago and you know where it’s going. You know what works what doesn’t. You know that Great idea that 20-something has today has been tried bloody seven years back by others.

To dismiss such a person as overqualified is a mistake. Pick their brains – hire them just to tell you where you’re going wrong.



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