Anti Yummy Mummy


Funny how life comes a full circle.

At 18, you ask angrily: WHO am I?
At 28, you smile at your job, shiny car and new baby and say: ‘Is this me?’
At 38, both the kids have gone to school, the husband’s been promoted – yes your career has kind of fallen by the way side but it seemed worth it because your kids are eating a home cooked organic meal and you are intelligent enough to help them with homework. You join a gym, start running and life seems great: ‘FINally, this is me.’
Then 45 happens.
The kids are now in secondary, the husband’s job hangs perilously by a thread because for some reason the world has changed and jobs are no longer secure, he’s started dropping hints to you to go back to work…

I’ve been looking for a job for about an year now. Already I find the lack of interesting jobs for qualified over-40s frustrating. In part, this is because I’ve been slightly spoilt and this has never happened to me before. Whenever I needed a job I always got one – so I kind of assumed I will always keep getting one… I am lucky I am not in a position where I am in dire need of one – however it is galling.
Why should a 45 year old with plenty of experience in corporate communications not get a job?

Do you feel like me that life has renegaded on a promise?

Do let me know your thoughts.


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